What kind of music do you sing?

Our choruses sing a wide variety of musical styles, from the western classical tradition to jazz, world music and popular songs. The advanced Young Women’s Chorus sings challenging and adventurous music for women’s voices. They perform collaborative programs with other prestigious Bay Area ensembles across many genres, including jazz, classical, and contemporary music, and present multi-disciplinary programs with dance and theatre groups. Vivo, Allegro, and Prelude Chorus also learn a wide variety of styles of music and sing in many different languages. Vivo Chorus sings 3 and 4-part music, Allegro Chorus 2 and 3-part music, and Prelude Chorus sings unison and 2-part music.

Who is conducting these choruses?

Dr. Susan McMane is Artistic Director of YWCP and conductor of its premier chorus, the Young Women’s Chorus of San Francisco (YWC). Dr. McMane has a worldwide reputation for artistic excellence in choral music. Her imagination and passion challenge our young women singers to achieve their full potential in creating inspiring presentations that take choral performance to a new level.

Vivo Chorus is directed by Kodály choral music educator Gemma Arguelles. Ms. Arguelles brings over 20 years of experience in choral music education to YWCP.

Allegro Chorus is directed by Kodály choral music educator Danelle Johnson. Ms. Johnson brings over 25 years of experience in choral music education to YWCP.

Prelude Chorus is directed by Kodály choral music educator Samantha Maas-Baldwin, who has exceptional ability to nurture the love of singing in each chorister.

When do the choruses rehearse?

Please visit our Chorus Page to see each choir’s rehearsal schedule.

Where do the choruses rehearse?

Our rehearsals are held at First Unitarian Universalist Church and Center, 1187 Franklin Street (@Geary) in San Francisco. YWCP rehearsal space was chosen for easy access to public transportation. Many of our singers come from the East Bay via BART and MUNI and others come into San Francisco in carpools.

Are there additional time commitments?

There is a required dress rehearsal before each concert at the selected venue.

In late August, there is a weekend Fall Intensive held in San Francisco for Vivo and YWC, and an overnight weekend retreat in February for YWC.

Young Women’s Chorus singers also take voice lessons approximately every other week in small groups and two private lessons with an assigned voice teacher. Singers are assigned geographically to the teacher nearest the chorister’s home.

Other occasional bookings are taken for the choruses if they support the artistic growth of the singers and the prestige of the organization.

Where does YWCP sing concerts?

The premier ensemble, the Young Women’s Chorus, sings a season of 5-6 concerts in the SF Bay Area, including popular venues in the East Bay, South Bay and San Francisco. The Young Women’s Chorus also tours for a week to 12 days either nationally or internationally each summer. Vivo Chorus sings 4 or more concerts a year in San Francisco, Allegro Chorus sings 3-4 concerts a year in San Francisco, and Prelude Chorus sings 2-3 concerts a year in San Francisco. To view our upcoming concerts, please visit our concerts page.

How old do I have to be to be to sing in a YWCP choir?

Our choirs are for girls in grades 2-12. We also offer a music class called Arietta Singers for girls in Kindergarten and First grade.

How will the singers be chosen for each choir?

Membership in YWCP choruses requires an audition. A student’s acceptance and chorus assignment are based on her age, vocal ability, and musical experience. Check out our auditions page for more complete information on the audition process and to sign up for an audition.

When are the auditions?

Our season runs from September through the beginning of June. We hold auditions for all four choirs for the upcoming season in late May/early June and late August. Vivo, Allegro, and Prelude also accept new girls mid-season. These audition are held in the beginning of January. Visit our auditions page to see when our next auditions will be, or email for more information.

If I am accepted, how much will my tuition be?

Please email for current tuition information. A generous need-based financial assistance program is available if our tuition is a barrier for your family.

Are there scholarships available?

YWCP is committed to helping all qualified young women be a part of this program. A generous need-based financial assistance program is available. There is also retreat and tour assistance available for Young Women’s Chorus singers.

Do I have to live in San Francisco to be in one of your choirs?

No! We have girls from the East Bay, South Bay, and Marin who participate in our program.

Where can I hear the choirs perform?

Please visit our Concerts page to see a list of our upcoming concerts.

Can I attend a rehearsal to see what it is like to be in a YWCP choir?

Each semester we have one day where potential choristers can observe and participate in a Prelude, Allegro, Vivo or the Young Women’s Chorus rehearsal. To find out when our next open rehearsal will be, please email

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