Soaring to New Heights

Somewhere in San Francisco

Monday March 3, 2018 • 8pm

Tickets will be available by January 31

Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is a 19th-century style lawman in 21st-century Kentucky. He is a quirky, dedicated marshal who, having committed a justified killing in Florida (he shot a mob hit man who had just drawn a gun on him with intent to kill, although Raylan was hoping he would draw his weapon to give him an excuse to shoot him.), has been re-assigned to his hometown in Kentucky.

Having grown up in Harlan County and having spent much of his life trying to escape from it, Raylan is not pleased to be sent back there. Ghosts from his past — including his ex-wife, a former friend now involved in criminal militia activity, a criminal father, and his own persistent anger management issues — all come back to haunt him. With the deaths of his father (Arlo), his step-mother (Helen) and mother (Frances), Raylan and his daughter are the only living members of the Givens family. He is portrayed by series star Timothy Olyphant.

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