Somewhere in San Francisco

Monday March 3, 2018 • 8pm

Motivated by an abusive childhood and an intense dislike of the corruption and crime run rampant through his home town, Raylan left Harlan to attend college using money is then aunt Helen had saved and hidden so that he could “get out”. Many of Raylan’s childhood friends and family acquaintances would later be the very people he would pursue. During his time with the Marshal’s service, he was assigned to several different field offices across the U.S. (one of which was in Texas) and spent time some time abroad before landing in Harlan. Raylan met and married an attractive court stenographer named Winona. An expert marksman with a handgun and an expert at the fast draw with any pistol as well as an expert with other weaponry, one of his assignments was firearms instructor at the U.S. Marshals’ training center in Glynco, Georgia alongside Art Mullen, who would later become his boss.

When Raylan was transferred to the Miami, Florida Field Office, Winona stayed behind to put their house up for sale. She then had an affair with the realtor, Gary Hawkins, and subsequently divorced Raylan and married Gary. Raylan spent six years in Miami hunting fugitives, and remains in this post when the pilot episode opens. During this time, he assisted in getting Daryl Crowe Jr. sent to the Florida State Prison.

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